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The Dead of Night Film Festival is brought to you by Two-Headed Snake Entertainment and The Liverpool Horror Club and is part of the ever growing International horror film festival circuit.

It is currently the only horror film festival in Merseyside, England.

The objective of our festival is to bring new independent horror short and feature length films to the genre loving public of Merseyside.

We know it can be hard for Independent filmmakers to get theatrical releases for their movies and we want to help get them the audience they deserve.

Film festivals are such an important part of independent horror cinema and are the best way to get their movies seen around the globe.

Every year we screen 6 feature films and 15 short films at the wonderful Bijou Cinema auditorium with 75 comfortable seats and an Optoma 8000-lumens projector, plus 5.1 Surround Sound to present an immersive cinematic experience.

We hope you can join us for some horrific movie fun.

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