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Who we are and what we do…
2HS Entertainment is an independent filmmaking company who specialise in creating horror themed entertainment for the masses. We are truly dedicated in supporting filmmakers from around the world by helping audiences discover and appreciate their movies with our distribution service.

There’s just something about being able to hold movies in your hand that streaming can’t quite replicate. Sadly over the years physical entertainment, DVD and Blu-Ray have been in decline; with most distributors only utilising VOD instead of the traditional disc format.

Our goal is to give filmmakers the chance to get their movies released on disc and get them to the people who love to buy, watch and collect special edition media. 

What we are looking for…
We are on the hunt for filmmakers and or producers who are searching for a trustworthy distributor to help get their horror movies released in the U.K. 

Submission criteria…
Your movie must be feature length (at least 60+ mins long) and it must fall within the horror genre and any of its wonderful sub genres. 

How to submit your film….
You can email a secure screener link to

We’ll watch your masterpiece and if both parties decide to move forward, we will send over an distribution agreement for you to look over, sign and away we go, you’ll be on your way to seeing your movie on special edition Blu-Ray, DVD and VHS here in the U.K.