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Ok folks it’s time we release the full programme for this years Dead of Night Film Festival Virtual Edition. Which is totally FREE to anyone, anywhere in the world.

We have selected for you……..

27 brand spanking new independent short horror movies, spanning 7 countries including Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Iran, United States, Brazil and France.

4 filmmaker Q&As showcasing the cream of the crop of the independent U.K. horror scene.

1 gloriously demented quiz.

2 twisted bedtime stories.

12:00 – Short Showcase 1
13:00 – Bloody Cuts Short Showcase
14:00 – Q&A with Bloody Cuts
14:30 – Interval
15:00 – Short Showcase 2
16:00 – Q&A with Dark Rift Films
16:30 – Interval
17:00 – Short Showcase 3
18:00 – Q&A with SuperFreak Media
18:30 – Interval
19:00 – Short Showcase 4
20:00 – Q&A with Dark Temple MP
20:30 – Quiz/Interval
21:30 – Short Showcase 5
22:30- Storytime with Thaddeus Bent
23:00 – End

Short Showcase 1:
Hexercise (18mins)
Unholy ‘Mole (6mins)
Stained (10mins)
Franky (1min)
The Body (12mins)
Horrorscope (5mins)

Short Showcase 2:
Dead Teenage Seance (20mins)
Dig Ophelia Dig (12mins)
Santa Baby (11mins)
Malakout (12mins)

Short Showcase 3:
Meat is Murder (15mins)
Make a Wish (8mins)
Yesterday will be Tomorrow (13mins)
Show me Jack (6mins)
Narrow (10mins)
The Housewife (3mins)
Backward Creep (5mins)

Short Showcase 4:
Perfectionist (16mins)
Guest (12mins)
The New Freddy (3mins)
A Christmas Nightmare (13mins)
There’s Someone in the Garden (5mins)
Deadly Scare (7mins)

Short Showcase 5:
Snarl (20mins)
Sleep Tight (11mins)
Replica (12mins)
Salt Water Taffy (10mins)

Bloody Cuts Short Showcase:
Suckablood (7mins)
Don’t Move (14mins)
The Outer Darkness (25mins)
Don’t go Down to Wildor (5mins)
The Birch (5mins)
The Nest (5mins)

So join us on October 3rd for a FREE day of horror at HOME. #donff2020 #virtualedition #liverpoolhorrorclub? ??

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